COVID-19 measures

Date : 2020-03-18

Dear customer,

Entreposage Herger is specialized in food and pharmaceutical storage, and therefore an important member of the food supply chain.  

This status gives us a responsibility towards society and our customers. We are aware that if the food supply chain is broken, thousands of Quebecers and Canadians will be in trouble. Based on the experience of the countries that have been affected before us, this situation could last for weeks, perhaps months. Therefore, this is not only a race, but a marathon!

Our Number#1 priority is to make our work environment safe for our employees.  For this reason, our level of service may be affected during this period, but our main goal is to avoid a service interruption. To do this, we ask for your help.

We are currently facing a high volume of emails, phone calls, receiving’s and shipping orders. Although we make every effort to serve you within the usual time, there may be delays for the confirmation of appointment requests and other requests.

We thank you for your understanding!

Entreposage Herger has put in place the following measures:

  1. Until further notice, hand washing at the entrance of our buildings is mandatory for everyone. (Drivers included)
  2. Only one driver at a time is allowed to enter the receiving / shipping office
  3. Visits from customers and suppliers are kept to a minimum. Online meetings are preferred.
  4. A potentially ill employee will be returned home for medical evaluation or quarantine
  5. Any employee who returns from a trip must be in quarantine (effective since March 9, 2020). As long as the government requires it.
  6. Any employee not involved in daily floor operations works from home to minimize contact with our key operating staff.
    1. Calls for these people are transferred to their cell phones.
  7. We have installed new procedures especially for the drivers, and they have been communicated to our customers. All these measures are displayed in the entrances of our warehouses. No service will be offered to a driver who refuses to follow these instructions.
  8. We are hiring additional staff to make up for unexpected absences. Our goal is to add 20% more staff.
    1. We are currently in contact with our students from the past year.
    2. We will try to recruit students immediately so that they start as soon as possible.
  9. We ask our employees to stop carpooling to avoid close contact with co-workers.
  10. We ask all our employees, suppliers and visitors to keep a distance of one meter from everyone.
  11. Avoid meeting with co-workers outside working hours.
  12. A crisis management committee is in place with a daily meeting at 10:00 am.
    1. The purpose of this committee is to monitor the current situation closely, but also to act proactively.
  13. The cleaning frequencies have been adjusted in critical places

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer service team at 877-774-9440 option 2 or by email at

Thank you for your collaboration and support; it is essential in getting through this more difficult period


Jean-François Laroche 
General Manager